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Installation and debugging of crimping machine

Installation and debugging of crimping machine

Installation and debugging of crimping machine How to install and debug the crimping machine and the pipe crimping machine? The handling of the crimping machine and the pipe crimping machine must meet the relevant conditions, and the order must be paid attention to, and it cannot be inverted. Reduce installation errors caused by transportation. 1. Installation: The crimping machine and pipe pressing machine should be placed horizontally on a stable foundation and grounded. 2. Oil filling: Open the oil tank cover and add 46 hydraulic oil to the 2/3 position of the oil level gauge. 3. Electricity connection: connect the power cord to the power supply specified by the buckle machine, start the motor and observe the direction of rotation. The direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction marked by the motor. If the direction of the motor is inconsistent with the marked direction, please change the position of two of the live wires. Micrometer: It is used to adjust the shrinkage of the crimping hose. It is 1mm more in the counterclockwise half a week, and 1mm less than the clockwise half a week. 4. Pressure adjustment: The pressure of the crimping machine is adjusted by the overflow valve, the pressure is adjusted clockwise to increase, and the pressure is adjusted counterclockwise to decrease (it has been adjusted at the factory, and can be adjusted if necessary). In fact, the relevant parameters of the crimping machine and the pipe pressing machine have been adjusted in advance. If errors occur, they can be corrected by themselves. Of course, all operations must be carried out under the guidance of professionals.
Application of hose crimping machine in greenhouse

Application of hose crimping machine in greenhouse

Application of hose crimping machine in greenhouse Greenhouse is also known as a facility that can transmit light and keep warm (or heat), and is used to cultivate plants. In the seasons that are not suitable for plant growth, it can provide growth period and increase yield. It is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of temperature-loving vegetables, flowers, forests, etc. in low temperature seasons. So we can eat the vegetables we like to eat in winter, and the greenhouse brings great convenience to people. Greenhouses can be divided into thin-film greenhouses, glass greenhouses, and plastic greenhouses according to their materials. Among them, plastic greenhouses are the most commonly used. The main structure of plastic greenhouses generally uses hot-dip galvanized steel pipes as the main bearing structure, factory production, and on-site installation. Steel pipes play a vital role in the firmness of greenhouses. Because of the different lengths and shapes of steel pipes, they need to be connected. The hose crimping machine uses pressure to crimp one steel pipe to a smaller size, and insert it with another steel pipe to make the greenhouse skeleton structure stable. Regarding the steel pipe crimping to make the outer diameter smaller, there are currently two ways, one is through thermal deformation, that is, the steel pipe is placed in a certain temperature environment, and the corresponding tooling is used for processing to make the outer diameter smaller. However, the processing cost of this method is relatively high and the efficiency is low. The other is cold extrusion deformation. The performance of our company's hose crimping machine is stable and reliable. It can crimp steel pipes and the resulting steel pipes are neat in shape, easy to install and disassemble, and the steel pipes can be reused. After years of research and development by R&D personnel, a new generation of fully automatic hose crimping machine has been developed and produced through changing methods. The advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contraction of the mold rely on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not cause the mold to be locked due to the spring return. Moreover, the design of the cylinder locking system is through front and back, which is easy to withhold various special-shaped elbows, and finally meet the forming requirements. Through this innovation, the problem of fast crimping speed and high precision of the fully automatic crimping machine has been realized in a true sense. Realize the compact structure of the equipment, reasonable assembly process, one machine with multiple functions, which can complete low-pressure oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automobile air conditioning pipes, automobile power steering pipes, engine oil pipes, gasoline fuel supply pipes, as well as construction accessories, daily heating The withholding of water and gas pipes provides users with more sources of raw materials and a variety of products to meet the needs of various users.
How To Increase The Utilization Rate Of Hose Cutting Machine

How To Increase The Utilization Rate Of Hose Cutting Machine

How to increase the utilization rate of hose cutting machine As a material processing equipment, the hose cutting machine is used extremely frequently in the daily work of mechanical processing enterprises. How to reduce the use cost of the pipe cutting machine is a problem that many users are particularly concerned about. Wuhan Popular Science integrates many end users. Using experience, several suggestions for controlling cutting costs are proposed for the daily use of CNC cutting equipment: 1. Maximize cutting time: Although the phose cutting machine is a kind of preliminary processing equipment, the frequent switching on and off not only reduces the work efficiency, but also has the loss of the equipment. Here we recommend that the company reasonably plan the cutting time and try to complete the cutting task in one time and in large quantities. Reduce downtime caused by maintenance. As an auxiliary infrastructure, we also put forward several suggestions for material transportation in order to shorten the cutting gap. Users can set up multiple cutting platforms and bridge cranes at the processing site. 2. Minimize secondary processing: The best way to control the cost of secondary processing is to optimize the cutting quality. To do this, not only a good machine tool but also a well-trained operator is needed. Skilled operators can cut more workpieces, obtain higher cutting quality, less waste and secondary processing costs. 3. Control the cost of consumable parts: A good operator can produce more products with the same number of consumable parts, and can prevent fatal errors from occurring. In this way, the time for manual loading and unloading can be reduced, and the operator can concentrate on the cutting work. Recommendations for machine tool operation: If the automatic height adjustment device or the idle speed of the machine tool is too slow, the cutting torch positioning time may even be longer than the actual cutting time.


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